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A confrontation with Officers

Posted by HairyoGuyghast - 1 month ago

While Gigngy was quietly and briskly walking back home, he saw two officers coming toward his way. One was a little bigger in height and width than the other. They were both wearing masks that covered the surface of their faces except the eyes and month. Gigngy jumped and hid behind a pile of rubble. But one of the officers, the big one, caught sight of him. 

/Hey, Come out from behind that pile, Now!\ Yelled the slightly bigger officer.

When Gigngy obeyed and got out from behind the pile, the two officers immediately apprehended and the big officer laid him to the cold,rough ground. 

/I knew there had to be at least one after curfew.\ Said the big officer to the other as he scanned Gigngy’s face with his Wedrt.

Gigngy was shocked, he had forgotten about the curfew.  

/Hmm...\ The small officer said as he scanned Gigngy’s face with his Wedrt. /Your name is Gigngy and your brother, Giraxtig, works for us. I’ll be informing the manager - and your brother - about this. Oh,  and make sure he doesn’t attempt to run away from us.\    He said to his partner. Meanwhile, the big officer still held Gigngy with his great weight and strength.

The big officer’s body was hard and heavy and his hold on Gigngy was so firm that Gigngy couldn’t even twitch his arms, legs, or body much. The ground was giving him slight cold feelings and it’s surface gave him additional pain.  

/Your weight is giving me pain, officer\ Gigngy asked as kindly as he could to the big officer. /could you please get off of me?\ 

/why would I?\ Responded the big officer. /when you and your type keep breaking the rules even though we tell you not to. By then, we out to use some different kind of force on you.\

While the small officer was talking through his Wedrt and the big officer was still putting pressure onto him, A Sudden feeling of injustice surged within Gigngy. 

He recalled memories of protesters being abused by officers and that he himself, Gigngy was in the same situation. Did the big officer seem to be enjoying this. He couldn’t let these officers get away with this brutality. 

Using all the strength he had, Gigngy tried using his body to push the big officer off of him. But the officer withstood his force. 

/he’s trying to get back up\ The big officer said to his partner. 

/Well, make sure he stays where he is,\ The small officer said. /and use the Neernor if you have to. And if things get drastic, use the Zeenero\ 

When Gigngy heard the words “Neernor” and “Zeenero,” he became nervous and began shaking.

Anger and rage was building up inside him.

Anger and rage was building up inside him. He won’t stand by this anymore. 

Gigngy looked all around him for something as a weapon. He could’ve used one of those heavy pieces of rubble. But they were out of his reach. 

Then, Gigngy got an idea. He searched the big officer for one of his weapons, the Zeenero may do him better. 

/Why are you looking at me?\ asked the big officer as Gigngy looked at his belt of tools. Then, Grigny had spotted the thing he was looking for. 

Quickly he reached, grabbed, and then pulled the big officer’s Zeenero from out of it’s holster. 

/Hey, he’s taking one of my weapons\ The big officer shouted. 

With the desired weapon in his hands, Grigny pulled the trigger  under the zeenero. But it didn’t shoot out anything; there were no projectiles in it.   

/STOP! Drop the zeenero now!\ Demanded both the officers loudly.

With no better choice left to him, Grigny swung and hit the small officer with the Zeenero on the head. 

/AHHHHHHHH!\ screamed the small officer. 

/You criminal, how dare you!\ Yelled the big officer as pulled out his Neernor to attack his opponent. 

Grigny tried to dodge the big officer’s moving Neernor, but he was still struck on the left side of his body. 

/Arugghh!\ Wailed Grigny.

/Try to hold him down\  Mumbled the small officer while he covered his injured head.  

/I will\ replied the big officer. 

But when attempting to swing his Neernor again to neutralize his opponent, Grigny, using most of the strength he had, hit the big officer hard in the head with his zeenero; knocking him over onto the ground. 

Grigny went over to the big officer, who was trying to get back up, and hit him multiple times on his head. All the while, the big officer was crying in pain. 

/Please stop!\ cried the small officer; /I beg for you to stop hitting my partner; my friend.\ 

This caught Grigny’s attention and he stopped. He stood there, looking at what he did. 

The big officer was unconscious and his upper body was covered in Ret. The small officer was cowering in fear of Gigngy’s behavior while his Ret was leaking out from his head and dripping to the ground.  

Gigngy didn’t know how to react or respond. He had never seen officers of any kind act like this. They were cowering like those injured protesters. 

Gigngy slowly backed away from the officers; dropping the zeenero and still staring at them both, and then turned and ran away.