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Dihiga is an anthology. Each installment of Dihiga will have a new story to tell with different characters and a new setting. The first story will be split into 3 parts. The first part will be about this being called a Zaben whose name is Persheaon who realizes that he's part of an experiment and tries to rise up against the Ubekcos. The second part of the first story will be about the aftermath of the successful uprising against the Ubekcos by the Zabens and Zabeks, led by Persheaon. In the third part, Persheaon invades and so the Ykels have to bring their foes for good.  The second story follows Dauk Kamin and Terus Oemppi as they go on an adventure to save their own races. The Third story follows three characters as they each have to confront their society’s cruelty. 

Pershaon is one of several Zaben, controlled by the obsessively curious race of Ubekcos. Each Zaben has one companion called a Zabek. Each Zabek cleans their own domain, inside and out, and helps their own zaben partner with certain tasks. Both the Zabens and Zabeks praise the Ubekcos for creating and protecting them from harm. 

The story begins with Persheaon building a small structure out of pieces of machinery. The next time, Persheaon is awoken by his guide from his solemn sleep. Persheaon goes through several trials to show what he can do. In some of these trials, Persheaon will be assisted by his companion, Quearn. When Persheaon is done with his trials, he rests. He has done this several times before. Though in one special trial, Persheaon has to interact with something called a Trkt. Persheaon is more intelligent compared to other Zabens and Zabeks. But the other Zabens, Zabeks, and Ubekcos don’t know about his special trait.

But soon, the Persheaon’s tutor becomes aware of Persheaon’s intelligence when he sees Persheaon builds with random materials. He makes Persheaon go through trials made  exclusively for him. Persheaon must solve puzzles such as picking the correct key among hundreds of others in a very large room to open a door.  

Next, Persheaon awakes and faces new challenges in a different place. Persheaon battles a fierce beast, builds a home, and explores the many oddities of the new area. After some time, Persheaon fully adapts to his new surroundings, his appearance also changes and he creates a great structure called Uhlovlea and takes pride in his creation.

 Then, Persheaon tries to find a way to get back to Unita. While exploring, Persheaon finds a large domain, which is called [blank], where most of the Ubekcos live. Then Persheaon is captured by a group of Ubeckos. Persheaon then finds out for himself that he was part of an experiment to see how Zabens and Zabeks adeat to the different place, which is called Lun.  The Ubekcos study Persheaon’s change in appearance. Quearn and the other Zabens and Zabeks react to his return.

The Nutlems and Sybemteas are two beings that cooperate and help each other. But sometimes, some of the Nutlems and Sybemteas feel prejudice towards one another.

Amongst all this, there is a legend of some sort among both of them regarding a place known as Youghoklpintu, a place of pure peace, happiness, and prosperity. There are two tall structures. One built by Nutlems and one built by the sybemteas, each in their respected lands. The both of them unleash a stream of light that goes in the direction to Yonghoklpintu. 

After successfully revolting against the Ubekcos, The zabens and zabeks establish a civilization for themselves. Persheaon wants every Zaben and Zabek to forget about the Ubekcos because of their lies to them. 

“The Ubekcos have falsely told us that we are alike.” Perhseaon saids. 

“That we are both similar in intelligence and knowledge, but the Ubekcos had intelligence much higher than our own, to the point where they were able to lie; tell us false information. However our own strength and strategy managed to vanquish our dishonest leaders.… Let us all forget of all the Ubekcos that have caused despair and unjust falsehood among us Zabens and Zabeks.” 

Persheaon becomes the ruler of the other Zabens and Zabeks. Persheaon establishes many changes to Unita, so as to force his people to forget about the evil Ubekcos. But the rest of the Zabens and Zabeks do not like the direction of the new civilization, so they seceded to create their own. 

Persheaon worships Uhlovlea because he becomes alone and wants to have a friendship with anything. He wears 

Upset by this, Persheaon seeks to Uhlovlea for help, then he gets an idea. She has a    He’ll use the technology from the Ubekcos to 

Gigngy, Thrialum, and Giraxtig each hate their society. they think that it is unfair, repressive and corrupt. At first they think their government is fine, but soon each of them  become one of many people who oppose their corrupt and authoritarian government run by the Lijnserolps and Vefsedhues; who are both run by a big corporation. 

Gigngy’s clothes are uncomfortable. He also has a brother named Giraxtig, who works as a soldier to fight off terrorists in a long war. One time, there is a guy who starves himself to protest against for-profit healthcare and dies doing it. This starts riots, that are witnessed by Gigngy, that are later quelled by many officers.  

Although at the start of the story Gigngy likes his society, he slowly gets annoyed by all the advertisements and the overall atmosphere of his society. His devotion to government deteriorates when he slowly becomes aware of its lies and corruption. 

One time, Gigngy meets Fyhou in an alley, who he later finds out is a leader of a group. Fyhou tells Grigny a summary of his life when he was often neglected by society  thinks that it will never change and that Gigngy’s efforts to change it won't prove effective. /Your position in society, unfortunately, won’t do anything.\ Fyhou saids to Gigngy. Even if you tried to for all your life, you still won’t even make the slightest form of change. And besides, most of your kind is distracted by all the media and games each of all you possess. 

The group, later known as Suyfrinwe, ignores the government and instead each member creates art that invegarates people and distracts them from tyranny of the government. Most of its members are young but a few are very old. Those old members remember a time when society was not corrupted by greed and lies. A part of the Suyfrinwe is planning to destroy the government from the inside 

Thuyfu is a happy person. Even though he is poor because he is an immigrant  from his war-torn place and that he is a little fed up with the government, he still makes the best of his situation by practicing his beliefs. Trialum makes friends with him. Until one time, when Thuyfu is diagnosed with a disease that can kill him soon. Unfortunately, he can’t afford the medication to cure his disease. Thuyfu and Trialum are outraged by this and they start yelling and complaining that the hospital puts profits over lives. When his criticisms are ignored, Thuyfu damages property and is sent to jail for it. Later, he calms himself down and starves himself in protest and dies while doing it. This event sparks mass protests. 

Giraxtig is a soldier who fights for the right causes. So he signs up to join a war to fight against terrorists. While awaiting to be deployed, he meets Verfx, a soldier who takes great pride in his nation. Throughout the campaign, supposedly for freedom and democracy, Giraxtig slowly discovers the true cost of war as he witnessites grusume torture and violence on innocent civiliens. At first, Giraxtig goes on scouting missions with Vertfx to hunt down the locations of enemy bases. Next, Giraxtigs witnesses a group of soldiers killing innconet civilans.   

Persheaon: Frequently asks questions to himself and others, 

Gigngy: likes to know statistics and facts, prone to being brainwashed by propaganda, gets angry easily, and illustrates events in poorly drawn pictures.  

Jacnciki: Is fine when bad things happen; keeps the world in balance. Without evil, being good is pointless and boring. Without good, you will always be alone and angry when your evil

Ablutantig: Lives in the wilderness; away from his awful society. Gets high on a natural drug found in the wilderness. Whenever he gets bored, he picks at his weathered skin on his hands. 

Untitled Character: Believes in ridiculous things, like how the world is made of rocks and how the sky is filled with water. Gets panicky sometimes over difficult problems. 

Untitled Character #2: A scientist who wants other people to be responsible and live better lives.  

“Roy”: Has an empty and an aura of hollow feeling. He has no emotions, feels no pain or regret. He behaves like this because he got really depressed over the murder of his daugher. He was once a rich and wealthy man,  

Untitled character #3: an anarchist Japanese guy with a long mullet calling for revolutions around the world.  

He looked over there, and by there over here, and by here where the chair and the cup of coffee too. 

There is a machine, where it puts a participant in a simulated reality with the things he or she loves from the deepest center of his or her heart (e.g their family, relatives, friends, fictional characters, or even precious objects; either fictional or real) . The beloved things advertise products to the participant(s) and tell them to obey a certain command. The beloved things use their charisma and quirky charm to persuade the participant into buying the products. And then finally, the participant is more likely to buy the products, thanks to being advertised by the things he or she really loves. 

I Believe there are at least two different worlds that are seen through the eyes of most people. 

“I won’t let you do that!” Saids CEO. 

“I won’t let you breathe another breath on this world.” (Then shoots a CEO) 

“Deserves to be burning the deepest, hottest pits of Hell!”

“What, sorry, but your apology is too simplic for me to completely understand nor care about.”

“I’m sorry to tell you this, but those people have perfected pathos, mastered ethos, and aced Logos.”

Timeline of Events in the Story

  • Groups of people raid a rich billionaire’s mansion. 
  • The Government passed a bill that allows cops and government agencies  to prosecute suspected domestic terrorists . 
  • Cops and government agencies arrest hundreds of thousands of suspected terrorists (left-wing intellectuals). They even kill some of them. 
  • The government stereotypes these people as “ savages that are dangerous to society.” The cops even arrest normal leftists and even artists and other creative persons because the Government warns that they are savages who pretend to be normal to avoid the cops.
  • Western nations from around the world criticize the crackdown, they  demand the other government to stop. 
  •  The Government declares war on all the other nations. 
  • The government wins the war against the nations through the use of mecha-suited soldiers and atomic bombs that spread diseases and viruses when they explode. 
  • The nations are forced to surrender and give all their power and resources to The Government. 
  • The Government forces everyone to work for the Elite. 
  • Some people resist, but are killed. 
  • Artistic works that promote rebellion, resistance, and defienice are destroyed and prohibited from being made.
  • The rich get better and the poor get worse over a period of time. 
  • Humanity eventually evolves into two forms; big fat huge ones and skinny small ones. 

Dystopian future where people are forced to think critically and be responsible? 

I read 1 wikipedia article, I donate 1 dollar.

Killing Babies could be a form of coercion.  

A drug that makes you really happy, but that you can’t think critically. 

A billionaire beats up a child. Punching her in the face and kicking her in the stomach. 

Beaches of glass. 

Society goes from encouraging the individual as part of the community, to  

A forest of Cactuses. 

Corporate Protection Act - Protects Billionaires and other powerful persons of wealth from “Defamation, hatred, and disrespectfulness” by Critics.  

A Labor leader is turned into an insane man with a disability through surgery and brainwashing. 

People with no glimmer in their eyes are the worst kind of people on the planet. 

Dystopian Future with genetically modified humans. 

These are story and in-universe notes regarding a project I thought of in 2019-2020. I really moved on from it to work One World and other things. I hope you get some inspiration out of it.

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