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Persheaon Vs. The Trkt of Harm

Posted by HairyoGuyghast - 1 month ago

Throughout his exploration, Persheaon traveled across the strange, new land with its many oddly shaped formations. Some formations were extremely small, barely visible to Persheaon when he passed them. Others, especially the ones far away, reached a great height and even somewhat intimidated Persheaon. Persheaon grew a fascination with the formations, he wondered if he could take some out of the ground and keep them, maybe to research their properties. 

Suddenly, Persheaon saw something stick out from behind a very large formation. Persheaon moved towards the formation and went past it. Then Persheaon saw something peer over the formation and then quickly disappear. Persheaon wasn’t sure what it was. 

|What was that?| Persheaon exclaimed to himself.

When Persheaon built up the courage, he took a full, long view at the thing. He saw that it was completely different compared to the Trkt Persheaon saw in class. 

|The thing is not similar to any Zaben, Zabek, or Ubekco I know of. So it must be a Trkt.|

Analyzing the Trkt for a little longer, Perhshaon notice that this Trkt was much larger and had an entirely different appearance. It had humps upon its body, eyes, multiple legs, and a texture that was in contrast with the Trkt of study. Then, the Trkt moved to a small formation, opened its mouth, and ate the formation whole. 

|What, the formation is editable?| Thought Persheaon. |I wonder, could I  consume the formation like the Trkt just did?| 

Persheaon looked again at The Trkt, it had walked to another formation, most likely to consume that one.  

|What if upon consuming the formation, would something happen to me?| Persheaon thought again. |Could the formation harm me in a way? Would the effect be immediate or happen over a period?| 

Persheaon looked yet again at The Trkt, he noticed nothing appeared to be wrong with The Trkt when it was consuming its second formation. 

|I suppose if nothing wrong is happening to The Trkt, I will decide to consume the formation, though with caution.|

 So Persheaon walked over to a formation nearest to him and attempted to take off a piece of it. It took some strength to do it. But when Persheaon successfully ripped off a piece, a kind of tinted substance was released from the opening of the formation. The substance expanded in nearly all directions, towards the position of Persheaon. Persheaon moved out of way, fearing what would happen to him if he consumed or was near the substance. Slowly, the substance drifted upwards, it went higher and higher, until Persheaon could no longer see it. 

With the piece of the formation still held in his hand, Persheaon quickly inspected the piece, parts of it had the same tinted color that was on the clothing and domains of The Ubekcos. Then, still with a sense of caution, Persheaon ate the piece of formation; chewing on. 

|hmm,| Persheaon said to himself. | It has a bold and sour taste. Like if a bold tasting Aerlop and a sour tasting Aerlop had been made together to create a bold and sour tasting Aerlop.| 

He then swallowed the piece. Persheaon waited a few moments to see if something happened to himself. But nothing bad appeared to happen. 

|If nothing bad has happened to me, I will consume more.| 

But before he could, Persheaon felt something brush against his back. He turned and saw The Trkt walking past him. Apparently, unaware of Persheaon’s presence. Persheaon didn’t find distressing, so long as The Trkt did not do him harm. So Persheaon ate more of the formation, this time in larger amounts.

 He had finished consuming the entirety of formation, Persheaon wanted to consume the other formations around him. But there were no more small formations; Only the very large one which The Trkt was consuming at that very moment. Persheaon traveled to the formation, to try and consume the parts he could. 

However, The Trkt suddenly was now aware of Persheaon’s presence and pushed him away from the formation. 

|What, how come the Trkt does not want me to consume some of the formation?| Persheaon Thought, rather rudely. |It has plenty to consume for itself. So why will it not share with me? Do all Trkts share, or maybe only a few do and others do not?| 

When Persheaon attempted to go near the Trkt, to reason with it, the Trkt again pushed Persheaon away, this one more forcibly. 

|Trkt,| Pershaon said loudly and directly to the Trkt and it turned to him. |Do you not understand that I will only consume the small parts of this formation, and not consume your own parts?| 

But the Trkt did not seem to understand Perhshaon as it did not respond to him and so it continued to eat. While Persheaon was walking back towards The Trkt yet again, it used its entire body to knock Persheaon far away from where it was consuming.  

|I do think now that this Trkt does not want to share.| Persheaon thought while lifting himself off the ground. |The Trkt cares only for itself. The Trkt assumes that anything that comes near it will attempt to steal its food and will use aggression to push them away. So if it uses aggression, I will too.|

So Persheaon walked back again to The Trkt and used the aggressive hand action upon it. The Trkt wailed in pain and attacked back at Persheaon, hitting him at the side with its head. Persheaon fell hard onto the ground. 

While attempting to stand back up, Persheaon felt an overwhelming feeling within himself. 

|ARGGHA!| Screamed Persheaon. |This feeling, it's so… it's overwhelming, I can feel it all over my body, but I can’t describe this horrible sensation.| 

|And my clothing... it’s broken.| Said Persheaon as he looked down at his body. His clothing had been torn by the Trkt leaving large rips in it. Persheaon tried to fix it, but he couldn’t. So he decided to take off his damaged clothing and leave behind for now. 

 In retaliation, Persheaon ran towards The Trkt and hit it again, at its back, and again multiple times at its side. While it wailed louder than before, The Trkt used it’s mighty strength to push Persheaon aside, but Persheaon resisted. He grabbed hold of its wounded side with his right hand and attacked it repeatedly with his left. Some kind of substance was now coming out of The Trkt’s wound, most likely its own Arko. However, Persheaon was having difficulty trying to  keep his grip on the Trkt. eventually, due to The Trkt’s rapid shaking and Persheaon fell. While trying to get back up again, a leg of the Trkt was going to harm Persheaon. Quickly, he attacked the Trkt’s leg, breaking it, and moved to the side. The front part of the Trkt fell down and it was now attempting to flee away from it’s attacker. 

|I think I have done enough harm to the Trkt to quell it entirely.| Persheaon thought. |I will leave it alone now.|

But while consuming the small pieces of formation, Persheaon noticed that The Trkt hadn’t gotten back up, still laying, now in an area of its own Arko. |It must only be resting. Although it is odd that The Trkt is resting in its Arko.|

    After consuming all the small pieces of formation. Persheaon collected his damaged clothing  and returned back to his point of reappearance, leaving The Trkt alone...